If you've stumbled across this blog, hi!

I used to run a blog for a BBC Sherlock OC, the daughter of Sebastian and Jim –– Alexis Moran-Moriarty. However, things didn't work out in my favour, and due to some emotional burden with this blog, I've decided to shut it down. I'll be keeping this URL in case anyone's wondering where I've gone, at least until further notice.

If you'd still like to RP with me, under different muses, I'm currently active on a fem!Moriarty blog, and I'm also running a blog for an MCU Natasha Romanoff.

Oh! An important note: if anyone would ever like this URL for RP, talk to me about it. I'd be happy to pass it along to someone who'll be using it well, and if you could make a note about where the original owner went, I'd appreciate it very much.

Thank you for stopping by!